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Duex is a rigid yet unobtrusive mesh fencing system. Ideal for use as a perimeter fence for schools, industrial, or commercial premises and sports pitches where a strong mesh fencing system is required.
The strength within the panels is gained by sandwiching a vertical wire between two horizontal wires. This ensures that the panels offer an extremely high resistance to vandalism. They are manufactured in 868 spec (2 no. 8mm horizontal, 1 no. 6mm vertical wire ) and 656 spec ( 2no. 6mm horizontal , 1 no. 5mm vertical wires ).
The panels are then fixed to strong rolled hollow section posts using stainless steel security fixings and a full length clamp bar.
Standard heights range from 1030mm – 4870mm.
Duex is available in galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated finishes.